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Siaran SawdaCafe di Radio Ikim

SawdaCafe akan mengadakan siaran langsung di Radio Ikim sepanjang bulan September 2008.

En. Mustafa Robani selaku Pengarah Urusan SMSB akan mengkongsikan peluang menjana pendapatan lumayan semudah minum kopi secara online dan offline. Jangan lepaskan peluang ini.

Ikutilah siaran kami untuk maklumat terkini tentang perkembangan program Usahawan E-Dagang 2009 yang mendapat sambutan hebat dari semua pihak.

Hubungi kami di 014-211 8112 atau talian Toll Free 1300 88 2009

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Masa tidak menunggu kita untuk berdepan dengan keadaan ekonomi yang meleset. Kita harus merancang perbelanjaan dengan bijak. Goncangan kemelesetan ekonomi selalu mensasarkan pengguna sebagai mangsa pertama dalam rantai kemelutannya.




Sistem SawdaOnline memberi anda peluang alternatif untuk merancang sumber pendapatan untuk mengharungi goncangan INFLASI!

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Traditional Uses of Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil has over 1400 years history of use. Many ancient books and text suggest the following traditional uses for Black Seed. But please note, that these should not be understood as cures or treatments for any disease or illness.

Nervous Tension
A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with a cup of tea makes you cool down and eliminates symptons of tension.

Cough & Asthma
Rub the chest and the back with Black Seed Oil, drink three tablespoons of oil per day and inhale the vapor of a mixture of Black Seed Oil and Water.

Sluggishness & Laziness
A tablespoon of Black Seed Oil with orange juice in the morning for ten days (you will see the difference by yourself).

Activation of Memory and Quick Perception
A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with 100mg of boiled mint for ten days.

Nausea and Vomiting
A teaspoon of ground carnation plus a tablespoon of Black seed Oil in boiled mint 3 times daily.

Heart Disease & Blood Vessel Stenosis
Drink Black Seed Oil continuously with any hot drink. This dissolves fats and dialates veins and arteries

Vitiligo & Leprosy
Rub the area with apple vinegar and then with Black Seed Oil for 15 days

Rub the forehead and the sides of the face near the ears with Black Seed Oil, together with a teaspoon of the oil to be taken 3 times a day.

Loss of Hair
Stroke the scalp thoroughly with lemon and leave for 15 minutes. Wash with shampoo and water and after thoroughly drying apply Black Seed Oil to all the scalp. Repeat for one week and the loss of hair will stop completely.

Whenever you drink a hot drink mix with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil and also take two lobes of garlic every morning before breakfast. Rub all the body with Black seed Oil and expose your body to sun rays for an half an hour once every three days. Repeat for about one month.

Prepare a mixture of a cup of Black Seed (whole), a cup of water cress seeds, half a cup of pomegranate peel and half a cup of fumitory. Grind the mixture to the power point. Take half a spoon of the mixture together with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil daily before breakfast for one month

Sexual Impotency
Mix 200g of ground Black Seed with olive oil + 100g of ground olibanum + 50g of Black Seed Oil + 50g of water cress oil + 50g of olive oil + 200g of pure bee honey. Mix thoroughly and take a tablespoon after each meal. This will restore vitality even late after menopause.

Inhale the vapor of Black Seed and drink a tablespoon of Black Seed Oil with lemon juice in the morning and in the evening.

Black Seed and the Immune System

Black Seed and the Immune System
by Dr. Ahmed El Qadi & Dr. Usama Qandil

The Black Seed is a plant which has been used widely as a natural treatment for more than 2000 years. Modern experiments have proved that Nigella sativa has a dilating effect on bronchi, an antimicrobial effect, a regulating effect on blood pressure and a secretory effect on the bile. This led us to think that it could have a stimulating effect on the immunity.

Laboratory experiments were carried out on healthy volunteers even though they had some deficiency in their immunity as proven by experiments. In the first group that contained 27 volunteers, they were given 2 grams daily, and the black seed showed a positive effect on the ratio of Th, Ts. This ratio improved by 55% for those who were given the black seed. In the second group which contained 19 volunteers the ratio improved by 72%. So, the black seed could be considered as a natural stimulant of immunity, and could play a role in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and other diseases that are accompanied by immunity deficiency.

Black Seed has been used in many countries of the Middle and Far East as a natural treatment for more than 2000 years. There are many Traditions that mentioned this seed since more than 1400 years. The active ingredient (Nigellone) was not extracted from the oil of the black seed until 1959. The role of the cummin seed in natural immunity was not estimated until 1986. This study was for the authors of this research and was presented to the fourth International Conference for Islamic Medicine held in Karachi in November 1986.

Means and Substances
18 volunteers who looked healthy were divided into two groups. Group one was composed of 11 volunteers and they were given Nigella Sativa, 1 gram, twice a day. The other group which was composed of 7 volunteers were given charcoal (as a control). They were both contained in similar capsules, so the volunteers would not know which capsule was given to them. The volunteers contained 11 males and 7 females aged between (12 -50) years, with an average age of 30. Afterwards a complete count of the lymphatic cells (B, T) was done including Ts and Th. After 4 weeks of taking the capsules, the whole process was repeated. The activity of the phagocytic cells was also measured by putting cells taken from the volunteers together with carcinogenic cells which were grown inside the lab in different ratios. The ratio of the effector to the target was as follows (10:1, 50:1, 100:1).

In most of the Nigella groups, there was a certain ratio of enhancement whether in Th or Ts or the phagocytic cells. At the same time the enhancement of the immunity system decreased in a few of them. The final results showed an improvement in the ratio of Th:Ts of an average of 72% . It also showed an improvement of the effect of phagocytic cells in ratio 187%, 29%, 7% for the previous ratios of effector to the target. As for the group that was given charcoal, the final result was an increase in the ratio of Th:Ts of 7%.

Discussing the results
The results proved the positive role of Nigella Sativa in the enhancement of the immunity system. This effect was particularly clear in the ration of Th:Ts, which could not be found in the control. A remark was noticed on both chains of study, the volunteers were not very healthy. Of the factors that should be taken into consideration when reviewing the results:
The no. of volunteers for the study was small. A larger number would give more reliable results.
We used one dose of Nigella one gram twice a day. Larger doses may have a stronger effect.
The volunteers even though they had a deficiency in their immunity (their ration of Th:Ts is 1.2, while the normal is 2), they were still healthy and did not suffer from cancer or any medical symptoms causing a disturbance in immunity.

We proved through this study that taking Nigella Sativa (Black cummin seed), orally in a dose of 1 gram twice a day, has an enhancing effect on the functions of immunity. This was noticed in the improvement of the ratio of Th:Ts and in improving the phagocytic cells. The importance of these results is due to the possibility of using the black seed as a natural enhancement of immunity in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and other cases of immunity deficiency.

What was mentioned in the Sunnah about the value of the Black seed:
It is known that the immunity system has a direct and indirect effect on all bodily systems. Any disturbance in the system affects all the systems of the body as in AIDS. Also the soundness of this system and its enhancement would have a direct or indirect effect on all the systems of the body. When a human being is infected by any disease, the power of the immunity system affects the cure of this disease whether directly or indirectly. We proved through this research that the black seed enhances both the immunity system of the body and improves its functions.

Black Seed Oil - An Article by Hans Wagner

Black Seed Oil
An Article by Hans Wagner

Recently scientists around the world have confirmed the anti-bacterial and anti-mycotic effects of black seed oil. Health practitioners in various countries around the world are using the oil against inflamation of all sorts as well as fungi infections. Even a remarkable reduction of blood sugar levels has been found by scientists. Black Seed extracts have been found help tostimulate bone marrow and immune cells, so writes the scientists of the Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory and adding that it raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroys tumour cells and raises the number of anti-bodies producing B cells.

All these functions make the Black Seed oil the ideal candidate for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Scientists are now busy finding the effects of the Black Seed oil in regard to various other human health conditions. Dr.Med.Peter Schleicher, an immunologist, in Munich who in 1986 happened to be nominated the youngest member of the World Academy of Scientists, examined black seed oil in his institute to find new therapies for chronic illness and its effect. His findings are identical to those in previous studies by earlier researchers. Schleicher says, by using Black Seed oil, valuable unsaturated fatty acids, for example Linoleic and Gammalinolen acids, get into the organism. By that it is possible to reach a synthesis of important immune regulating substances derived from Prostaglandin E1. Linoleic acid stabilizes the cell membranes and Prostaglandin has the effect of inhibiting inflamation. By that the immune reactions are stopped which cause the illnesses and which otherwise could be the start of many many chronic illnesses like acne and hayfever right up to cancer. In addition, the excessive T-cell function of the person suffering from allergies are stabilized through the substance in black seed oil and the abnormally rising immune reactions through supressed anti-bodies. The excessive immune system is normalized and the large cell degranulation decreased.

Studies also testify that an immune system which has gone wrong can again be regulated by the strong effect of the oil. Schleicher, meanwhile, has tested the effect of the oil on 600 patients. As a result he confirms the cure for allergies at about 70% of the patients. Amongst them are allergies against pollen and dust, acne and neuro-dermatological illnesses, asthma patients, etc.. who generally have a weak resistence and are prone to suffer from infections. For that reason Dr.Schleicher in Munich is going to include the oil with his preventative treatment against colds and influenza.

In the Middle East and South Asia, this oil has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for all sorts of allergies, inflamation and menstruation problems, boosting moral, depression; but especially against bronchitis, asthma and neuro-dermatitis as well as poor digestion and even impotency. The Prophet Mohammad (s) stated in his "Hadith" that black seed oil cures every illness except death. No wander then that a little bottle of the oil was even found in the tomb of the legedary Pharoah Tutankhamen!

In the West the effect of the oil has been used for a long time against wind, dysentry, stomach and lungdisease, jaundice, diuretic problems and to increase nursing mother's milk. Due to the triumphant advancesin chemistry the oil has been forgotten until recently. According to Dr. Schleicher the reason why this oil is so exceptional is that its component parts act in unison to produce an optimum effect for so many complaints. But one has to make sure that only the pure and tested oil is being used.

Schleicher's colleagues have reacted very positively after the publication about his success with patients who haveused the oil. Professor G. Rietmuller, Director of Institute for immunology at the University of Munich believes that this plant extract works positively on the immune system and could be used as a bio-regulator. Professor Michael Meurer of the Dermatology Clinic in Munich has for a long time been convinced about the success of this oil. From his experience the oil help stop inflamation and helps with neurodermitis.

At the International Cancer Congress in New Delhi last Autumn the anti-tumour effect of black cumin oil has been introduced to many scientists and doctors.

Translated from an article by Hans Wagner.