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Semoga Tahun 2009 memberi kegembiraan kepada anda dan sekeluarga !

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AZAM TAHUN 2008 yang dicatatkan pada awal tahun semakin menghampiri tarikh luput.

Kita berusaha sedaya upaya untuk mengejar dan melaksanakan apa yang diazamkan . Soal gagal dan berjaya adalah lumrah hidup. Semuanya adalah di dalam kuasa Tuhan.

SEMOGA segala yang berlalu pada tahun 2008, dijadikan pengajaran dan teladan untuk menghadapi azam baru TAHUN 2009 !

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Habbatus Sawda as a daily health supplement

Most medicines work best when given a chance to run their full course, and this too, is the case with habbatus sauda or black seed. In cognizance of its substantial nutritional components, as well as its specific medicinal properties, the body's ability to maintain health and promote healing of a lasting nature is best increased through regular use of habbatus sawda .

Habbatus Sawda as an energy source

Ibn Sina (980-1037), in describing the habbatus sawda or black seed as that which "stimulates the body's energy and helps recovery from fatigue or disspiritedness," still holds true for Tibb (Islamic Medicine) health practitioners today. The rich nutritional value contained in black seed as outlined by scientific analysis of black seed, also points to it as a great source of energy. From the Tibb health perspective, the black seed has an ability to maintain and restore body heat. Our Western diet, predominantly made up of cold foods -- ice in our drinks, yogurt, pizza, cheese -- all deplete the innate heat our body requires in order to optimally function. Tibb holds the view that a reduced metabolic rate (innate heat) is the cause of most illnesses. The body, in losing energy, also loses its ability to fight off toxins, resulting in a greater chance of contracting illness.

Habbatus Sawda and other medication

Habbatus Sawda or Black Seed may be used in conjunction with conventional or other forms of natural medicine. It is not recommended that black seed be used exclusively in the treatment of serious medical complaints which may require more immediate action. For example, conditions like bronchitis sometimes require conventional antibiotics to prevent the condition from becoming more severe. However, black seed may be used as a therapeutic aid together with this and other forms of treatment to help counteract any side effects experienced from the use of antibiotics or other potent, chemically based medicines.

Pregnancy and lactation

The habbatus sawda or black seed is not recommended during pregnancy, however during lactation. It is an excellent form of added nutrition for both mother and the growing child while its immune system boosting properties serve as a natural, safe way to build resistance against illness. In addition, as studies have shown, black seed helps increase milk production during breastfeeding. Initial trials have shown that black seed may have an ability to increase the male sperm count.

Babies and toddlers

In addition to its many nutritional components, habbatus sawda or black seed contains carotene, which is essential for infant growth. During the toddler years, black seed provides children with all the energy they require for this active stage of life. Regular usage of black seed, which increases its immune system strengthening effect on the body, will decrease the length and severity of natural childhood illnesses, particularly during winter when children are most susceptible to contracting colds and flu.

Habbatus Sawda for the elderly person

Which its rich nutritional, energy-giving value, in combination with immune system strengthening properties, black seed is an ideal health supplement for the elderly person.

The History Of Habbatus Sawda

Habbatus Sawda or Nigella sativa (Black Seed) was discovered in Tutankhamen's tomb, implying that it played an important role in ancient Egyptian practices. Although its exact role in Egyptian culture is not known, we do know that items entombed with a king were carefully selected to assist him in the afterlife.

The earliest written reference to black seed is found in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament. Isaiah contrasts the reaping of black cumin with wheat: For the black cumin is not threshed with a threshing sledge, nor is a cart wheel rolled over the cumin, but the black cumin is beaten out with a stick, and the cumin with a rod. (Isaiah 28:25,27 NKJV). Easton's Bible Dictionary clarifies that the Hebrew word for black cumin, "ketsah," refers to "without doubt the Nigella sativa, a small annual of the order Ranunculaceae which grows wild in the Mediterranean countries, and is cultivated in Egypt and Syria for its seed."

Dioscoredes, a Greek physician of the 1st century, recorded that black seeds were taken to treat headaches, nasal congestion, toothache, and intestinal worms. They were also used, he reported, as a diuretic to promote menstruation and increase milk production.

The Muslim scholar al-Biruni (973-1048), who composed a treatise on the early origins of Indian and Chinese drugs, mentions that the black seed is a kind of grain called alwanak in the Sigzi dialect. Later, this was confirmed by Suhar Bakht who explained it to be habb-i-Sajzi (viz. Sigzi grains). This reference to black seed as "grains" points to the seed's possible nutritional use during the tenth and eleventh centuries.

In the Greco-Arab/Unani-Tibb system of medicine, which originated from Hippocrates, his contemporary Galen and Ibn Sina, black seed has been regarded as a valuable remedy in hepatic and digestive disorders and has been described as a stimulant in a variety of conditions, ascribed to an imbalance of cold humours.

Ibn Sina (980-1037), most famous for his volumes called "The Canon of Medicine," regarded by many as the most famous book in the history of medicine, East or West, refers to black seed as the seed "that stimulates the body's energy and helps recovery from fatigue or disspiritedness."

Black seed is also included in the list of natural drugs of Al-Tibb al-Nabawi, and, according to tradition, "Hold onto the use of the black seed for it has a remedy for every illness except death." This prophetic reference in describing black seed as "having a remedy for all illnesses" may not be so exaggerated as it at first appears. Recent research has provided evidence which indicates that black seed contains an ability to significantly boost the human immune system - if taken over time. The prophetic phrase, "hold onto the use of the seed," also emphasizes consistent usage of the seed.

Black seed has been traditionally and successfully used in the Middle and Far East countries for centuries to treat ailments including bronchial asthma and bronchitis, rheumatism and related inflammatory diseases, to increase milk production in nursing mothers, to treat digestive disturbances, to support the body's immune system, to promote digestion and elimination, and to fight parasitic infestation. Its oil has been used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and boils and is used topically to treat cold symptoms.

The many uses of black seed has earned for this medicinal herb the Arabic approbation habbatul barakah, meaning "the seed of blessing."

Testimonial - What they say after taking Habbatus Sawda

Here are some of the testimonial from people world wide using black seed oil:-

I am very convinced about the healing capabilities of black seed oil but most of the oil on the market is not good. I hope that you will be consistent in the high quality of your oil."
- Lotha Schubert. Bio Genial Health advisor to leading sports professionals in Germany.

"This oil is very good, I use it on my ears."
- Maulana Sheikh Nazim. Head of the Sufi Naqshbandi Order

"This oil is very high quality."
- Sheikh Nihat al Zuhuri. Qadiri and Refai Sufi Sheikh

"I was using another brand for my customers, but yours is much better."
- Richard. Steps to Health, Nutritionist

I have had bronchitis for as long as I can remember. Every year, it got worst until finally the Doctors told me I had adult onset asthma. I tried the gel tabs about 4 days ago. I could hardly believe that within hours of the first dose, I was able to take nice deep breaths. I'm looking forward to swimming and jogging again when the weather warms up.

Marcy H.
Tallahassee, FL

I am VERY satisfied about the Black Seed Oil beauty treatments. Acne has plagued me for a long time. Within 2 weeks of starting a regime of the Black Seed Oil Cleanser and Mask. My skin is smooth and clear.

Asifa L.
Location Withheld

"I have not found a herb that clears the lymphatics and intestines so clearly and in such a gentle way."
- Antoine Pouget. Medical Herbalist

"I had been searching this oil for a long time after hearing so much about it. I took the Blessed Seed oil for 3 days. Now I take a lot of supplements already but I didn't know how much rubbish I had left in me. Within 48 hours the cleaning process was very deep, it cleared out the kidneys and the liver, it went really deep. It went straight to the liver, it is an excellent liver flush. It is a fantastic product, we are very happy with it here. I have been on it ever since, I take a maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon a day. We had a lot of trouble sourcing it.
- Regenerative Nutrition

"I suffer from eczema. When it comes out I use your oil and it clears up very quickly."
- Abdullah. Cyprus

"People are very happy with the Blessed Seed oil and keep coming back for more."
- The Olive Tree. London

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PRO-SUMER dan semua SOA SEKALIAN, sebarkan kebijaksanaan anda untuk menjana pendapatan sambil berbelanjaa. Susun perbelanjaan dengan bijak. Beli apa yang wajib di Aidil Fitri ini.

JANGAN LUPA promosikan KOPI SAWDACAFE DAN MINYAK SAWDA kepada semua saudara-mara dan sahabat-handai anda. Nescaya usaha sedikit ini dapat membantu anda menjana pendapatan dan membantu semua PRO-SUMER menangani INFLASI !

JANGAN BIARKAN INFLASI merencatkan semangat anda. Sebagai PRO-SUMER, setiap pembelian dan penjualan Produk SMSB, akan memberi ganjaran kepada kita bersama.


Maaf Zahir dan Batin

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Siaran SawdaCafe di Radio Ikim FM

SawdaOnline.com telah bersiaran secara langsung di Radio IKIM FM pada 2/9/2008.
Berikut adalah rakaman yang dibuat untuk mereka yang tak sempat mendengar pada hari tersebut.

Kami ingin memberi tahu semua usahawan yang tengah mencari peluang perniagaan jangan lepaskan peluang ini untuk menjadi USAHWAN E-DAGANG SAWDAONLINE.COM 2009.

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IKLAN memainkan peranan yang penting dalam pemasaran. Baik syarikat besar mahupun syarikat SMI, fungsi dan peranannya adalah berbeza,

Bagi syarikat yang besar, peningkatan jualan melalui iklan bukanlah satu fungsi utama kerana pembelian terhadap keluarannya sudah sedia ada. Kebanyakan iklan dilancarkan adalah untuk membentuk jenama yang berkekalan. supaya pengguna tidak akan lupa jenama barangannya. Fungsi iklan di sini adalah untuk mencapai objektif jangkamasa panjangnya supaya jenama tersebut akan dikenali oleh Generasi yang akan datang. Contoh yang jelas adalah jenama PANADOL, Milo, KFC, PIZZA HUT, MC D, BMW ATAU MERCEDES !

Sementara untuk syarikat SMI, IKLAN PADA ASASNYA adalah unuk meningkatkan jualan barangan melalui pengenalan produk produk barunya. Media elektronik seperti TV, radio, laman web dan suratkhabar adalah di antara alat terpenting untuk syarikat SMI melariskan jualan.

Namun demikian iklan bukan murah. Perancangan dari segi budget wajib diperuntukkan supaya pelaburan daripada iklan menepati sasaran objektif syarikat SMI.

JUSTERU ITU, SMSB telah mengambil langkah agresif untuk melabur dalam pengiklanan melalui RADIO IKIM DAN SURATKAHBAR METRO.



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Siaran SawdaCafe di Radio Ikim

SawdaCafe akan mengadakan siaran langsung di Radio Ikim sepanjang bulan September 2008.

En. Mustafa Robani selaku Pengarah Urusan SMSB akan mengkongsikan peluang menjana pendapatan lumayan semudah minum kopi secara online dan offline. Jangan lepaskan peluang ini.

Ikutilah siaran kami untuk maklumat terkini tentang perkembangan program Usahawan E-Dagang 2009 yang mendapat sambutan hebat dari semua pihak.

Hubungi kami di 014-211 8112 atau talian Toll Free 1300 88 2009

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Masa tidak menunggu kita untuk berdepan dengan keadaan ekonomi yang meleset. Kita harus merancang perbelanjaan dengan bijak. Goncangan kemelesetan ekonomi selalu mensasarkan pengguna sebagai mangsa pertama dalam rantai kemelutannya.




Sistem SawdaOnline memberi anda peluang alternatif untuk merancang sumber pendapatan untuk mengharungi goncangan INFLASI!

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Bagaimana Sertai SawdaOnline.com

Selamat Datang ke Blog SawdaOnline.com

Traditional Uses of Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil has over 1400 years history of use. Many ancient books and text suggest the following traditional uses for Black Seed. But please note, that these should not be understood as cures or treatments for any disease or illness.

Nervous Tension
A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with a cup of tea makes you cool down and eliminates symptons of tension.

Cough & Asthma
Rub the chest and the back with Black Seed Oil, drink three tablespoons of oil per day and inhale the vapor of a mixture of Black Seed Oil and Water.

Sluggishness & Laziness
A tablespoon of Black Seed Oil with orange juice in the morning for ten days (you will see the difference by yourself).

Activation of Memory and Quick Perception
A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with 100mg of boiled mint for ten days.

Nausea and Vomiting
A teaspoon of ground carnation plus a tablespoon of Black seed Oil in boiled mint 3 times daily.

Heart Disease & Blood Vessel Stenosis
Drink Black Seed Oil continuously with any hot drink. This dissolves fats and dialates veins and arteries

Vitiligo & Leprosy
Rub the area with apple vinegar and then with Black Seed Oil for 15 days

Rub the forehead and the sides of the face near the ears with Black Seed Oil, together with a teaspoon of the oil to be taken 3 times a day.

Loss of Hair
Stroke the scalp thoroughly with lemon and leave for 15 minutes. Wash with shampoo and water and after thoroughly drying apply Black Seed Oil to all the scalp. Repeat for one week and the loss of hair will stop completely.

Whenever you drink a hot drink mix with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil and also take two lobes of garlic every morning before breakfast. Rub all the body with Black seed Oil and expose your body to sun rays for an half an hour once every three days. Repeat for about one month.

Prepare a mixture of a cup of Black Seed (whole), a cup of water cress seeds, half a cup of pomegranate peel and half a cup of fumitory. Grind the mixture to the power point. Take half a spoon of the mixture together with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil daily before breakfast for one month

Sexual Impotency
Mix 200g of ground Black Seed with olive oil + 100g of ground olibanum + 50g of Black Seed Oil + 50g of water cress oil + 50g of olive oil + 200g of pure bee honey. Mix thoroughly and take a tablespoon after each meal. This will restore vitality even late after menopause.

Inhale the vapor of Black Seed and drink a tablespoon of Black Seed Oil with lemon juice in the morning and in the evening.

Black Seed and the Immune System

Black Seed and the Immune System
by Dr. Ahmed El Qadi & Dr. Usama Qandil

The Black Seed is a plant which has been used widely as a natural treatment for more than 2000 years. Modern experiments have proved that Nigella sativa has a dilating effect on bronchi, an antimicrobial effect, a regulating effect on blood pressure and a secretory effect on the bile. This led us to think that it could have a stimulating effect on the immunity.

Laboratory experiments were carried out on healthy volunteers even though they had some deficiency in their immunity as proven by experiments. In the first group that contained 27 volunteers, they were given 2 grams daily, and the black seed showed a positive effect on the ratio of Th, Ts. This ratio improved by 55% for those who were given the black seed. In the second group which contained 19 volunteers the ratio improved by 72%. So, the black seed could be considered as a natural stimulant of immunity, and could play a role in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and other diseases that are accompanied by immunity deficiency.

Black Seed has been used in many countries of the Middle and Far East as a natural treatment for more than 2000 years. There are many Traditions that mentioned this seed since more than 1400 years. The active ingredient (Nigellone) was not extracted from the oil of the black seed until 1959. The role of the cummin seed in natural immunity was not estimated until 1986. This study was for the authors of this research and was presented to the fourth International Conference for Islamic Medicine held in Karachi in November 1986.

Means and Substances
18 volunteers who looked healthy were divided into two groups. Group one was composed of 11 volunteers and they were given Nigella Sativa, 1 gram, twice a day. The other group which was composed of 7 volunteers were given charcoal (as a control). They were both contained in similar capsules, so the volunteers would not know which capsule was given to them. The volunteers contained 11 males and 7 females aged between (12 -50) years, with an average age of 30. Afterwards a complete count of the lymphatic cells (B, T) was done including Ts and Th. After 4 weeks of taking the capsules, the whole process was repeated. The activity of the phagocytic cells was also measured by putting cells taken from the volunteers together with carcinogenic cells which were grown inside the lab in different ratios. The ratio of the effector to the target was as follows (10:1, 50:1, 100:1).

In most of the Nigella groups, there was a certain ratio of enhancement whether in Th or Ts or the phagocytic cells. At the same time the enhancement of the immunity system decreased in a few of them. The final results showed an improvement in the ratio of Th:Ts of an average of 72% . It also showed an improvement of the effect of phagocytic cells in ratio 187%, 29%, 7% for the previous ratios of effector to the target. As for the group that was given charcoal, the final result was an increase in the ratio of Th:Ts of 7%.

Discussing the results
The results proved the positive role of Nigella Sativa in the enhancement of the immunity system. This effect was particularly clear in the ration of Th:Ts, which could not be found in the control. A remark was noticed on both chains of study, the volunteers were not very healthy. Of the factors that should be taken into consideration when reviewing the results:
The no. of volunteers for the study was small. A larger number would give more reliable results.
We used one dose of Nigella one gram twice a day. Larger doses may have a stronger effect.
The volunteers even though they had a deficiency in their immunity (their ration of Th:Ts is 1.2, while the normal is 2), they were still healthy and did not suffer from cancer or any medical symptoms causing a disturbance in immunity.

We proved through this study that taking Nigella Sativa (Black cummin seed), orally in a dose of 1 gram twice a day, has an enhancing effect on the functions of immunity. This was noticed in the improvement of the ratio of Th:Ts and in improving the phagocytic cells. The importance of these results is due to the possibility of using the black seed as a natural enhancement of immunity in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and other cases of immunity deficiency.

What was mentioned in the Sunnah about the value of the Black seed:
It is known that the immunity system has a direct and indirect effect on all bodily systems. Any disturbance in the system affects all the systems of the body as in AIDS. Also the soundness of this system and its enhancement would have a direct or indirect effect on all the systems of the body. When a human being is infected by any disease, the power of the immunity system affects the cure of this disease whether directly or indirectly. We proved through this research that the black seed enhances both the immunity system of the body and improves its functions.

Black Seed Oil - An Article by Hans Wagner

Black Seed Oil
An Article by Hans Wagner

Recently scientists around the world have confirmed the anti-bacterial and anti-mycotic effects of black seed oil. Health practitioners in various countries around the world are using the oil against inflamation of all sorts as well as fungi infections. Even a remarkable reduction of blood sugar levels has been found by scientists. Black Seed extracts have been found help tostimulate bone marrow and immune cells, so writes the scientists of the Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory and adding that it raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroys tumour cells and raises the number of anti-bodies producing B cells.

All these functions make the Black Seed oil the ideal candidate for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Scientists are now busy finding the effects of the Black Seed oil in regard to various other human health conditions. Dr.Med.Peter Schleicher, an immunologist, in Munich who in 1986 happened to be nominated the youngest member of the World Academy of Scientists, examined black seed oil in his institute to find new therapies for chronic illness and its effect. His findings are identical to those in previous studies by earlier researchers. Schleicher says, by using Black Seed oil, valuable unsaturated fatty acids, for example Linoleic and Gammalinolen acids, get into the organism. By that it is possible to reach a synthesis of important immune regulating substances derived from Prostaglandin E1. Linoleic acid stabilizes the cell membranes and Prostaglandin has the effect of inhibiting inflamation. By that the immune reactions are stopped which cause the illnesses and which otherwise could be the start of many many chronic illnesses like acne and hayfever right up to cancer. In addition, the excessive T-cell function of the person suffering from allergies are stabilized through the substance in black seed oil and the abnormally rising immune reactions through supressed anti-bodies. The excessive immune system is normalized and the large cell degranulation decreased.

Studies also testify that an immune system which has gone wrong can again be regulated by the strong effect of the oil. Schleicher, meanwhile, has tested the effect of the oil on 600 patients. As a result he confirms the cure for allergies at about 70% of the patients. Amongst them are allergies against pollen and dust, acne and neuro-dermatological illnesses, asthma patients, etc.. who generally have a weak resistence and are prone to suffer from infections. For that reason Dr.Schleicher in Munich is going to include the oil with his preventative treatment against colds and influenza.

In the Middle East and South Asia, this oil has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for all sorts of allergies, inflamation and menstruation problems, boosting moral, depression; but especially against bronchitis, asthma and neuro-dermatitis as well as poor digestion and even impotency. The Prophet Mohammad (s) stated in his "Hadith" that black seed oil cures every illness except death. No wander then that a little bottle of the oil was even found in the tomb of the legedary Pharoah Tutankhamen!

In the West the effect of the oil has been used for a long time against wind, dysentry, stomach and lungdisease, jaundice, diuretic problems and to increase nursing mother's milk. Due to the triumphant advancesin chemistry the oil has been forgotten until recently. According to Dr. Schleicher the reason why this oil is so exceptional is that its component parts act in unison to produce an optimum effect for so many complaints. But one has to make sure that only the pure and tested oil is being used.

Schleicher's colleagues have reacted very positively after the publication about his success with patients who haveused the oil. Professor G. Rietmuller, Director of Institute for immunology at the University of Munich believes that this plant extract works positively on the immune system and could be used as a bio-regulator. Professor Michael Meurer of the Dermatology Clinic in Munich has for a long time been convinced about the success of this oil. From his experience the oil help stop inflamation and helps with neurodermitis.

At the International Cancer Congress in New Delhi last Autumn the anti-tumour effect of black cumin oil has been introduced to many scientists and doctors.

Translated from an article by Hans Wagner.

Khamis, 24 Julai 2008




Dalam ertikata yang sebenar, setiap sen yang dibelanjakan kepada apa jua barangan, nilai ringgit telah berkurangan. Kesannya kos perbelanjaan pengguna akan meningkat kerana harga barangan sekarang bertambah mahal. Inflasi yang dialami oleh pengguna Malaysia adalah dorongan dari kesan kenaikan harga minyak dunia bukan disebabkan oleh tiadanya atau kurangnya barangan dalam pasaran yang menekan permintaan barangan naik dan mendesak kenaikan harga.
Berdepan dengan kesan daripada inflasi, pengguna akan mendapati dan merasai pendapatan yang sedia ada pasti tidak mencukupi untuk membiayai kos perbelanjaan hidup.

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Hadis riwayat Bukhari menyebut seperti berikut:

....الْحَبَّةِ السَّوْدَاءِ شِفَاءٌ مِنْ كُلِّ دَاءٍ إِلَّا السَّامَ

Maksudnya: "Habbatus sawda’ mempunyai penawar bagi semua penyakit kecuali maut.”

Ciri-Ciri Habbatus Sawda’

Menurut Dr. Abdullah Abdurraziq Mas’ud, di dalam kamus al-Mu’jam al-Wasit mendefinisikan habbatus sawda’ iaitu sebagai sejenis rumput yang berwarna hitam yang bermusim tahunan. Ia mempunyai daun yang kecil serta halus dan bunganya pula berwarna biru. Di hujung bunga tersebut terdapat buah yang berbungkus yang di dalamnya terdapat biji kecil yang berwarna hitam.

Dari sudut saintifik, habbatus sawda’ ini termasuk di dalam famili atau jenis Nigelle dan Ranunculus atau Remun Culaceae dan nama saintifik bagi habbatus sawda’ ini ialah Nigelle Santiva.

Fakta Saintifik: Nilai-Nilai Perubatan Dan Kandungan Yang Terdapat di Dalam Habbatus Sawda’.

Melalui hasil analisa yang telah dijalankan oleh Dr. Zemmy HM Rai, beliau mendapati bahawa habbatus sawda’ ini mengandungi enzim-enzim penghadaman, fostat, kalsium sulfur, karbohidrat, anti bakteria, anti kanser, hormon-hormon penguat tenaga batin, unsur-unsur peningkatan seksual, melawas air kecil (kencing) dan penyembuh demam kuning. Malah di dalam habbatus sauda’ ini juga terdapat beberapa bahan yang penting iaitu fixed oil (saturated dan unsaturated), minyak-minyak asas (sterol, carvone, thymohydro quinine, limonine, cymene), alkali (alkoloids), saponin dan asid amino.

Pada tahun 1986, Dr. El-Kadi dan Dr. Kandil membuat kajian yang melibatkan dua kumpulan sukarelawan. Bagi kumpulan pertama, setiap individu diberikan kapsul habbatus sauda’ sebanyak satu gram bagi diambil dua kali sehari selama empat minggu dan kumpulan kedua diberikan kapsul kosong atau placebo. Kadar sel-sel putih dalam darah atau complete lymphocyte count dikenal pasti sebelum dan selepas kajian dilakukan. Selepas empat minggu, didapati daya ketahanan sel putih atau helper to suppressor T-cell ratio sukarelawan yang mengambil habbatus sauda’ meningkat sebanyak 72 kumpulan dan sebaliknya bagi kumpulan yang kedua, ia didapati menurun sebanyak 7 peratus. Dalam laporan yang dikemukakan, mereka merumuskan penemuan ini dapat dijadikan batu asas bagi merawat pesakit-pesakit AIDS, barah dan seumpamanya kerana habbatus sauda’ mampu merangsang sistem pertahanan badan atau immune system secara positif. Keputusan kajian ini disahkan oleh kajian lain yang dilakukan oleh doktor Basil Ali dan kumpulannya dari Kolej Perubatan Universiti Raja Faisal. Hasil kajian itu dimuatkan di dalam Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal pada tahun 1993. Dr. Haq dari Pusat Penyelidikan Biologi dan Perubatan di Riyahd, Saudi Arabia juga mengesahkan kebenaran penemuan ini pada tahun 1997.

Terdapat banyak lagi kelebihan habbatus sawda’ yang telah dibuktikan berdasarkan kajian-kajian yang dijalankan oleh para pengamal perubatan sedunia yang lain. Antaranya Dr. Badr-el-din dan Dr. Mahfouz pada tahun 1960 mendapati ianya berfaedah dalam rawatan penyakit asma. Kajian yang dilakukan di Pusat Penyelidikan Amala di Amala Nagar, Kerala, India pada tahun 1991 mendapati ianya dapat membantu dalam rawatan kanser. Ahli-ahli sains dari Jabatan Farmasi, Universiti Dhaka Bangladesh melakukan kajian yang membandingkan habbatus sawda’ dengan lima antibiotik yang terkenal dan mendapati ianya lebih berkesan berbanding kelima-lima antibiotik tersebut.

Demikianlah penemuan-penemuan saintifik yang direkodkan oleh para ilmuan Islam dan bukan Islam dalam penyelidikan mereka dalam mengkaji dan menguji keabsahan kata-kata Baginda Rasulullah s.a.w.

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1. Kenaikan harga minyak adalah tanda amaran awal yang dunia ini akan dilanda
kemelesetan ekonomi. Kita tidak terkecuali daripada kejutan ini. Beribu pekerja telah
menjadi penganggur dan banyak syarikat gergasi dunia telah memulakan langkah "down
sizing" operasi masing-masing.

2. Jika langkah ketat tidak diambil oleh kerajaan ini, masalah inflasi pasti akan
memudaratkan keadaan yang kian tenat ini. Yang ketara pengguna akan menjadi mangsa
pertama kepada goncangan yang tidak seimbang ini.

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iii. Sistem Kawalan e-Dagang yang mudah

iv. Latihan Produk, Pemasaran dan Sistem e-Dagang

v. Produk berkualiti berasaskan Habbatus Sawda

Sebelum anda dilanda kemelesetan ekonomi, buka minda anda dengan menyertai sistem e-

Selamat Menjadi e-Ushawan Berjaya !

Selasa, 17 Jun 2008

History of the Black Seed Oil

Good news !!!

We just launch our 100% Pure Organic Cold Press Black Seed Oil

Can be order online at http://www.sawdaonline.com/

History of the Black Seed Oil
For over two thousand years the black seed, a plant from the Ranunculaceae (buttercup) family, has been traditionally used by various cultures throughout the world as a natural remedy for several diseases and ailments and to improve health in general.

The ancient Egyptians knew and used the black seed and described it as a panacea (cure for problems and diseases). Tutankamun even had a bottle of the oil in his tomb!The Romans also knew this seed and called it Greek Coriander and used it as a dietary supplement.In the first century, the Greek physician Dioscoredes recorded that the black seed were taken to treat headaches, nasal congestion, toothache and intestinal worms.

The black seed is also mentioned in the Bible in Isiah 28:25-27 as the ‘fitches’. Ibn Senna, known in the West as Avicenna, who wrote the great medical treatise 'The Canon of Medicine', referred to the black seed as the seed ‘that stimulates the body's energy and helps recovery from fatigue’.

What is Nigella Sativa (the black seed)?
Nigella Sativa originates from Western Asia and is a herb that grows about 16-24 inches in height and has white flowers when in bloom. The plant is now cultivated from the Near East to India. The deep black, sharp-cornered rectangular seeds (no longer than 3 mm) are the part of the plant that is used for the preparation of products.

The black seed is cultivated in Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Oman, Ethiopia, Middle East, Far East, India, Bangladesh, France, Germany and the Mediterranean Basin. It also grows wild in Egypt, Syria, Asiatic Turkey and the Balkan States.

Nigella Sativa is known commonly in Arabic as Habbat-ul-Baraka (blessed seed) and in English as Love in the Mist.ResearchSince 1959, over 200 studies have been carried out at international universities and articles published in various journals have shown remarkable results supporting its traditional uses.

The Nigella Sativa seed itself contains numerous esters of structurally unusual unsaturated fatty acids and the chemical composition is very rich and diverse. Apart from its active ingredient, crystalline nigellone, it contains 15 amino acids (including eight of the nine essential ones), carbohydrates, fatty acids including linolenic and oleic, volatile oils, alkaloids and dietary fibre, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium and potassium.

Recent research on the black seed as an anti-biotic, anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-bacterial, anti-bronchial and immune boosting agent has shown great promise.

Traditional uses of the Black Seed Oil from around the world
For centuries, the black seed and its oil has been used by people in Asia, Africa, the Middle and Far East to promote health and fight disease. It has been traditionally used to treat a variety of ailments and conditions related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal complaints, kidney and liver function, circulatory and immune system support and to improve health in general.

Please find below some traditional Black Seed Oil remedies that are used around the world:

Asthma & Bronchial Problems (Far East, Middle East & Malay Peninsula)
Mix a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil in coffee. Taken twice daily. Also rub chest with Black Seed Oil every night and inhale the vapour of Black Seed Oil in hot water.

Backache & other kinds of rheumatism (Middle East & Malay Peninsula)
Mildly heat a small amount of Black Seed Oil and then stroke the rheumatic area intensely. A teaspoon of the oil should also be drunk three times daily.

Diabetes (India)
Mix a cup of whole Black Seeds, a cup of watercress or mustard seeds, half a cup of pomegranate peel, and half a cup of fumitory. Grind the mixture to powder. Take half a teaspoon of the mixture together with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil daily before breakfast for one month.

Diarrhoea (India & Middle East)
Mix a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with a cup of yoghurt. Drinking the mixture twice a day until symptoms disappear.

Dry Cough (Middle East & North Africa)
A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil should be mixed in coffee and taken twice a day. Rub the chest and back with Black Seed Oil.

Flu & Nasal Congestion (General)
Placing three to four drops of Black Seed Oil in each nostril can relieve nasal congestion and head cold distress.

Hair Greying (General)
Massaging the hair with Black Seed Oil regularly may prevent premature hair greying.

Hair Loss (India & Middle East)
Stroke the scalp thoroughly with lemon and leave for about 15 minutes, shampoo, wash and dry hair thoroughly. Then massage Black Seed Oil into the scalp. Drink a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil mixed in tea/coffee.

Hay Fever (Middle East)
One tablespoon of Black Seed Oil mixed with a glass of lemon should be taken twice daily until symptoms disappear.

Headaches (General)
Rub the forehead and the sides of the face near the ears with Black Seed Oil and bandage the head. Also a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil should be taken before breakfast.

Healthy Being (General)
To maintain good health take a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil mixed with one teaspoon of pure honey, twice daily.Healthy Complexion (General)Mix a tablespoon of Black Seed Oil with a tablespoon of olive oil. Rub the face with this mixture and leave it for at least one hour. Wash with soap and water.

Hypertension (India)
Mix any drink with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil and also take two lobes of garlic every morning with breakfast. Rub all the body with Black Seed Oil and expose your body to sun rays for half an hour once every three days. Repeat for one month.

Laziness and Fatigue (Turkey)
One tablespoon of Black Seed Oil with a glass of pure orange juice every morning for at least 10 days.

Memory Improvement (Middle East)
A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil mixed in 100mg of boiled mint for at least 15 days.

Muscular pains (General)
Massage the area with Black Seed Oil.

Nervous Tension Stress (India)
A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with a cup of tea/coffee to be taken three times daily.

Sexual Impotency (Europe & Middle East)
Mix 200g of ground Black Seeds with Olive Oil & l00g of ground olibanum & 50g of Black Seed Oil & 50g of olive oil & 200g of pure honey. Mix thoroughly and take a tablespoon after every meal.

Sleeping Disorder (General)
A tablespoon of Black Seed Oil mixed with honey in any hot drink in the evening.

Toothache & Gums (General)
First cook Black Seeds with vinegar. Add Black Seed Oil. Rinse the mouth with this formulation to help the gums and relieve toothache.

Ulcers (Indonesia & India)
Roast powdered Black Seeds over the fire. Mix them with oil of orrisroot, or the oil of henna plant, or the oil of camphire plant making an ointment that is then spread over the festering rural ulcers. After lavation treat with vinegar.

Isnin, 9 Jun 2008


Anda diberi pilihan sama ada kekal menjadi pengguna tradisional atau PRO-SUMER.

PENGGUNA TRADISIONAL SELALU menunggu jualan diskaun dengan harapan akan menjimat wang. Mereka adalah golongan yang setia untuk berbaris di kaunter bayaran.
Mereka adalah pengguna yang sanggup memandu kereta berpuluhan kilometer jauh dan bersedia untuk bersesak di jalanraya semata-mata untuk "jimat wang",
Pengguna tradisional sering kali bersetuju untuk "ditahan" di pasaraya dan membeli barang-barang yang kebiasaannya tidak diperlukan mereka.
Mereka adalah pengguna yang tidak merancang perbelanjaan tetapi adalah hamba kepada rancangan promosi pasaraya.
Berbeza dengan PRO-SUMER, pengguna tradisional sentiasa memastikan buku akaun bank mereka menjadi negatif. Dunia ini adalah tempat untuk mereka belanja bukan memiliki aset.
Adakah anda tergolong dalam kategori Pengguna Tradisional?
Jika ada satu sistem yang memberi anda ganjaran tunai daripada setiap perbelanjaan anda, adakah anda berminat untuk menyertanya?
Jika anda dibayar tunai kepada setiap orang yang anda perkenalkan, adakah anda akan menyertainya ?
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Ahad, 8 Jun 2008

Perfect storm of opportunity - Wellness Revolution

10 million new Millionaires will be created by 2016

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SawdaOnline.com is designed to help you set and achieve YOUR GOALS.

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Sabtu, 7 Jun 2008

How to increase your INCOME to fight against the price hikes for PETROL?

The latest issue that all Malaysian was talking about everyday at the kedai mamak.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday announced price hikes for petrol, diesel and electricity. He said the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight. The price goes up by 78sen from the current RM1.92, a hike of 40%. Abdullah also announced that the price of diesel would be increased by RM1 from RM1.58 to RM2.58. He also said that Tenaga Nasional Bhd would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users. (The Star)

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Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

NASA's Phoenix Mars Telah Berjaya Mendarat di Planet Mars

Today the US NASA successfully landed the "NASA's Phoenix Mars" into Mars. Planet Mars and Earth are 170 million miles apart.

This story tell us that started with a "DREAM" and keep it up with the "ACTION" will the make the dream come through.

We strongly believe that with all our SOA and customer let together make our Usahawan E-Dagang SOA a big "SUCCESS" to yourself and your family. We believe Malaysia Boleh!!! and you can do it.

Rakan Seperjuangan Dalam SAWDA ONLINE

Jika anda juga ingin melakar kejayaan dalam perniagaan rutin (minum kopi), tetapi berorientasikan e-Dagang maka temuilah wakil hebat kami di;
Shah Alam : Wan Norasyikin 019-3712129
Puchung : Siti Hajar 016-2692793
Banting : Salmah/Zaleha Amzah 012-3564495/017-3248097
Damansara : Norulaida 019-6481734
Kuala S'gor/Tg.Karang : Muhd Jaafar 019-2645195

Maklumat lanjut hubungi : Mustafa Bin Robani 014-211 8112(Pengarah Urusan)

Rabu, 21 Mei 2008

Mangsa Korban Gempa Bumi Sichuan Meningkat kepada 41,353

2008-05-21 19:12:42

Pejabat Penerangan Dewan Negara China hari ini memaklumkan dalam sidang akhbar bahawa setakat 12.00 tengah hari tadi, gempa bumi berukuran 8 pada skala Richter di Sichuan telah mengakibatkan 41,353 nyawa terkorban, manakala lebih 270 ribu cedera dan lebih 32 ribu orang masih hilang.

Setakat semalam, seramai 396,811 orang mangsa dipindahkan ke tempat yang selamat. 6452 orang yang masih hidup berjaya diselamatkan daripada runtuhan bangunan. Setakat pukul 12.00 tengah hari tadi, China telah menerima sumbangan derma sejumlah 16 bilion yuan RMB dari dalam dan luar negara. Setakat pukul 2.00 petang tadi, kerajaan telah memperuntukkan 12.9 bilion yuan RMB untuk menangani bencana ini.

Kami SMSB berdoa akan semua keluarga yang terlibat dalam mala petaka dapat teruskan hidup mereka dengan semangat yang kuat. Kami juga berharap sebagai satu insan di bumi ini bantulah apa saja yang anda mampu untuk mereka yang memerlukannya.

Biar patah apa juga, tapi jangan sekali-kali patah semangat kita !!!

Revolusi E-commerce - evolution

Adakah E-Dagang cara pengguna membeli masa akan datang ? Tanya diri anda soalan ini.

Kami mengalu-alukan ulasan. Disini saya ingin kongsikan satu video dari YouTube iaitu "REVULUSI E-DAGANG" yang telah berlaku di US.

Adakah ia akan berlaku di sini ? Di Asia ? Di masa depan bila anak-anak kita keluar dari Universiti ?

Jika anda setuju ia akan berlaku maka kami telah sediakan satu perancangan yang menuju ke arah itu.

Hubungilah kami sekarang. Kami akan pilih hanya 2000 USAHAWAN E-Dagang yang akan kami bimbing sambil kami berikan cara yang paling baik untuk mula libatkan diri di dalam dunia E-Dagang yang semakin hari semakin popular.

Sila call En. Mus di talian 014-211 8112

Jumaat, 16 Mei 2008

Jangan Merendah-rendahkan Diri Kita

Saya percaya semua orang sama hebat, biasanya kita belum jumpa peluang dan masa yang tepat untuk kita keluarkan kebolehan kita.

Jika orang bandar boleh cemburi bidang komputer, eCommerce maka orang kampung pun boleh libat dalam E-Dagang di zaman internet ini. Sifat rendah diri atau malu itu disebabkan oleh "Orang tak nampak tapi kita perasan"

Di sini ingin kami kongsikan bersama semua rantai peniaga dan pelanggan SawdaOnline salah satu mentor terkenal iaitu Dr Fadzilah Kamsah.

Khamis, 8 Mei 2008

Hidup Perlu Ada Matlamat

Salam semua peminat produk Habbatus Sawda.

Kami sedang menyusun persediaan untuk melancarkan produk Sawda Coffee dan Minyak Habbatus Sawda tak lama lagi.

Di sini juga ingin kongsi bersama satu rakaman yang saya suka tentang "MATLAMAT" kita semua perlu ada hala tuju dalam hidupan kita.

SMSB telah sedia kan satu plan dan matlamat yang jelas untuk melahirkan 2000 Usahawan E-Dagang pada masa akan datang.

Untuk semua yang sedang baca blog kami, kami berharap video ini dapat beri satu tips untuk mulakan impian anda tahun ini.

Jadi setkan matlamat anda tahun ini, sama-sama kita jayakan diri kita untuk masa depan yang lebih ceria lebih baik lebih mantap .........



CLASS 3 - Bleaching preparation and other substances, for laundry use, cleaning, polishing, scouring, and abrasive preparations, soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions, dentrifrice
CLASS 4 : Industrial oils and greases (other than edible oils and fats and essential oils, lubricants, dust laying and absorbing compositions, fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants, tapers, nightlights and wicks
CLASS 5 : Pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary substances, infants and invalids foods, plasters, material, material for bandaging, material for stopping teeth, dental wax, disinfectants, preparations for killing weeds, and destroying vermin.
.............. CONTINUE...........

Rabu, 7 Mei 2008


Salam ,

Part I, regulation 5 of Trade Marks 1983 provides for registration of trade marks and registration of registered users, goods in the manner prescribed in the Third Schedule of the same.
CLASS 1 : Chemical products used in industry, science, photography, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, manures (natural and artificial), fire extinquishing compositions, tempering substances and chemical preparations for soldering, chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs, tanning substances adhesive substances used in industry
CLASS 2 : Paints, Vainshes, lacquers, preservatives against rust and deteroraation of wood, colouring matters, dyestuffs, mordants, natural resins, metals in foil and powder form for painters and decorators.
..... continue.....

Menyahut Sunnah Rasul Membina Ekonomi Ummah

Assalamualaikum/salam sejahtera !

Ramai di antara kita yang kenal dengan pemimpin-pemimpin hebat di negeri, negara dan dunia ini tetapi tak ramai yang mengenali dengan mendalam tentang Pemimpin terulung iaitu Rasulullah s.a.w. Seorang penulis beragama Kristian iaitu Micheal Heart menyatakan bahawa berdasar kajiannya terhadap 100 pemimpin dunia maka tiada seorang pun yang dapat menandingi kepimpinan Rasulullah.

Begitu juga penulis berbangsa yahudi iaitu prof. Jules Masagmen menyebutkan kajian yang dibuat terhadap pemimpin-pemimpin agung, tiada sesiapa dapat menandingi pemimpin paling unggul iaitu Muhammad b. Abdullah(Rasulullah). Kenapa pengakuan jujur ini dibuat setelah kajian dilakukan.

Sebab memang terbukti bahawa kata-kata nabi, pemikiran nabi dan perbuatan nabi melambangkan masej keunggulan. Justeru itu........ketahuilah bahawa bila Rasulullah saw meminta kita tetap dengan "habbatus sawda" pasti di hujungnya keunggulan menanti kita semua.

Ketahuilah, jika kita meminum kopi sawda bermakna dengan niat mengamalkan sunnah nabi pastinya kita mendapat ganjaran..................

Ganjaran Pahala (sebab amalkan sunnah ) dan ganjaran Cash Reward (sebab online).

Nak tahu lanjut. Mustafa Bin Robani sedia membantu anda.(014-211 8112)

peluang menambah pendapatan

kepada samua pengemar kopi..minum lah sawdacoffee disamping dapat kesihatan ia juga dapat menambah pendapatan yang berterusan..untuk keterangan lanjut sila layari..WWW.SAWDAONLINE.COM..

selamat mencuba.



Cap Dagang adalah harta intelek dan wajib diberi keutamaan penting dalam perancangan dan pertumbuhan sesebuah syarikat.
Akta Cap Dagang/Trade Mark Act 1976 memperuntukkan prosedur yang mudah untuk memfailkan sesuatu cap yang dicadangkan untuk pendaftaran.
Langkah pertama adalah menentukan cap yang ingin didaftarkan. Carian wajib dibuat di pejabat Cap Dagang supaya cap yang dicadangkan tidak mendapat bantahan bila permohonan dikemukakan kelak.
Bersamaan dengan yuran permohonan dan klasifikasi cap dagang yang berpatutan, pihak pendaftar akan mengeluarkan sijil cap dagang. Biasanya proses ini akan mengambil 12 bulan. Sementara menunggu sijil pendaftaran tersebut, pemohon boleh menggunakan simbol TM dalam produk mereka.
Cap Dagang SMSB telah difailkan mengikut kategori KLASS 30 iaitu meliputi semua minuman termasuk kopi. teh, cereal dan campuran berbagai ramuan.

Selasa, 6 Mei 2008

Kebaikan habbatus sawda

Asalamualaikum..salam sejahtera.
saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua SOA yang terlibat dalam menjayakan seminar bersama SMSB pada 03/05/08 semoga dengan sambutan yang dideri oleh tuan tuan dan puan-puan sekaian.kita dapat bersama sama menjana ekonomi.di samping dapat mengeratkan lagi silaturahim sesama insan..sekiranya tuan tuan dan puan puan ada cadangan dan pandangan untuk ke baikan bersama. SMSB amat mengalu alukan..

sekian terima kasih

(pengarah SMSB)



Harta Intelek (Intellectual Property) adalah merupakan satu aspek yang penting dalam organisasi perniagaan. Tetapi peniaga tradisional sering mengabaikan keutamaannya malah sengaja mengambil sikap acuh tak acuh tentang nilai pelaburannya.

Salah satu daripada Harta Intelek adalah Cap Dagang. Di Malaysia cap dagang adalah diperuntukkan di dalam Akta Cap Dagang 1976 (Trade Mark Act 1976).

Betapa pentingnya Harta Intelek ini, SMSB telah memfailkan cap dagang berikut untuk kelulusan dan pengiktirafan pihak berkuasa :

i. " SAWDA"




Logo dan cap dagang di atas boleh diperhatikan dengan jelasnya di dalam semua bungkusan Produk SMSB dan di dalam setiap program dan presentasi SMSB .

SMSB mengiktiraf nilai pelaburan cap dagang dan adalah menjadi asas utama SMSB untuk memberi nilai tambah harta intelek ini ke dalam semua produk SMSB dengan satu harapan bahawa semua SOA dan pengguna secara umumnya akan mengenali jenama SMSB dan memupuk kesetiaan jenama SMSB.

Ulasan dan teguran dialu-alukan.





Ulasan dan teguran SOA dialu- alukan supaya SMSB dapat memperbaiki dan mempertingkatkan program dan latihan pada sessi yang akan datang.


Isnin, 5 Mei 2008



Selamat datang ke Blog SMSB.

Di dalam Blog ini, anda dipelawa untuk berkongsi pendapat dan pengalaman yang berkait dengan e-dagang khususnya Sawdaonline.com.

Blog ini diharap akan digunakan sepenuhnya oleh semua SawdaOnline Agen (SOA) untuk berinteraksi supaya masing-masing belajar dan mempertingkatkan ilmu e-dagang dalam dunia Cyber ini.

Dari masa ke semasa saya akan menulis tentang undang-undang Cyber seperti Cap Dagang, Hakcipta, e-Dagang dan topik yang berkaitan dengan PRO-SUMER, PEMASARAN INTERNET untuk faedah bersama.

Saya juga berharap melalui Blog ini, akan terlahirlah satu kumpulan jaringan rujukan di kalangan SOA yang saya takrifkan sebagai e-rujukan dan e-rujukan ini akan membantu SOA untuk berkongsi dengan semua pengguna di seluruh Malaysia dan global untuk menjadi PRO-SUMER iaitu menjadi pengguna bijak " sambil membelanja menerima pendapatan".

Ulasan dan teguran yang bernas dialu-dialukan.


Ahad, 4 Mei 2008

Black Seed (Nigella sativa)

An annual herbaceous plant, black seed (Nigella sativa) is believed to be indigenous to the Mediterranean region but has been cultivated into other parts of the world including Saudi Arabia, northern Africa and parts of Asia.
Tiny and hairy, being no more than 3mm in length, black seed originates from the common fennel flower plant (Nigella sativa) of the buttercup (Ranunculaceae) family. Nigella sativa is sometimes mistakenly confused with the fennel herb plant (Foeniculum vulgare).
The plant has finely divided foliage and pale bluish purple or white flowers. The flowers grow terminally on its branches while the leaves grow opposite each other in pairs, on either side of the stem. Its lower leaves are small and petiole, and the upper leaves are long (6-10cm). The stalk of the plant reaches a height of twelve to eighteen inches as its fruit, the black seed, matures.

Nigella sativa reproduces with itself and Nigella sativa and its black seed are known by other names, varying between places. Some call it black caraway, others call it black cumin (Kalonji), or even coriander seeds. In English, the Nigella sativa plant is commonly referred to as "Love in a Mist". Nevertheless, this is Nigella sativa, which has been known and used from ancient times and is also known in Persian as Shonaiz.
The most pertinent point to be made about black seed is that it should be regarded as part of an overall holistic approach to health and ideally should be incorporated into one's everyday lifestyle. In this way, the many nutritional and healing properties contained in the seed can help build the body's immune system over time, supplying it with the optimum resources it needs to help prevent and fight illness.

Sabtu, 3 Mei 2008

Program Usahawan E-Dagang Sawda Online Agen (SOA) 2008

Kami telah berjaya mengadakan Program Usahawan E-Dagang Sawda Online Agen (SOA) 2008 yang pertama di Perangsang Golf Club Rawang pada 3/5/2008.